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Family Pics! Family Pics! Family Pics! Family Pics! Family Pics! Family Pics!

Teh Pants began its journey in Fremantle with our good friends Mel and Dal in 2001.

We have spent the last 7 years sharing market and family adventures with them, both in Darwin and now in the hinterland of NSW... and, it is with deep gratitude that Simon and I take the reigns of this little business, as Mel and Darren surrender it for some quieter time with their children.

With our own passion for the joys of Fisherman Pants and Skirts we are enthusiastic to 'Teh Pant' the world :) and will be continuing the mission to relax humanity by getting everyone into a pair of 'Teh Pants'.

The label 'Teh Pants' is a play on Thai Pants and a dedication to Mel and Dal's son Teh. Teh and his sister are great mates with our own children. For all of us it feels like we are keeping 'Teh Pants' in the family.

Teh Pants and Skirts are perfect for yoga, dance, martial arts, drama, beach bumming, growing bellies full of baby and every other opportunity that you have to move joyfully through life.

Simon and I look forward to sharing the journey with you.